Parteneriate agentia Signatura Cluj

Recomandari de la colaboratorii

We are all too aware of Signatura’s intrinsic value. However, our point of view is subjective; therefore, we asked our clients and collaborators to express their own opinions.


Adrian Cosma, CEO Ancada:

"We have been working with the Signatura agency for three years and we are very happy with our collaboration. First of all, we appreciate the fact that our ideas were received with open-mindedness, and that we felt how  Signatura and Ancada representatives formed a team. Moreover, we value the promptness this agency has accustomed us to, and, last but not least, the attention paid to all details and the quality of the output.


Laura Hale, People Department Manager, Xoomworks Romania:

“How should I characterize Signatura? They are a young, enthusiastic team of professionals who enchant us every day with their ideas, who thrive for perfection, and support our business.”


Radu Hriniuc, Sales Manager, Eximtur; Dorel Muresan, Marketing Director, Eximtur:

"Creative, energetic, ambitious – this is the Signatura team. Throughout our collaboration, we rebranded EXIMTUR and we updated the creative and graphic concept  for most of our promotional hard copy.
We appreciate the fact that they respect deadlines, and they are prompt and efficient in their work. We strongly believe Signatura has  real potential in becoming a major player in advertising if they stick to their customer relationship policy: they pay specific attention to every detail, they think strategically and conceive efficient promotional materials."


Diana Petrescu, Assistant Manager, Veronesse:

"A team of new, innovative ideas, which helps us successfully create and promote our brand."


Dana Zaharia, Marketing Manager, Logicode:

"Our collaboration with was and still is very good. We appreciate the promptness with which they meet our requests – in terms of feedback, execution, and creative potential. Our most recent collaboration consisted of recreating the Logicode brand, and the result lived up to our expectations, the new logo fitting our visual communication strategy perfectly."


Bogdan Boldan, Marketing Director, Anlar - Gamoni:

"A team of serious, diligent folks. Communication with them is excellent, and they are very responsible: they always respect deadlines, they pay proper attention to our demands, and they are very rigorous in their work."


Rada Muresan, associate with Q Sound Soft:

"Pleasant collaboration, warm and cheerful folks, nice environment."


Simona Birtas, Manager with Vulturii Baia Mare:

"I have 10 years’ experience in the USA and there I learnt what efficient, rigorous work really means. These features define Signatura. My collaboration with this agency proved to me that businesses grow when you collaborate with competent, passionate people."


Mihai Chira, Bec Aprins si AziInCluj:

"Signatura is a team of punctual, professional and efficient people. Moreover, these people are very imaginative, and their creations make an impact. Their relationship with their customers is unusual – they do care. Signatura is one of the rare companies with a conscience. They will never show you any creation they do not find satisfactory. The difference between collaboration with Signatura and any other company in the field is the difference between Messenger and mIRC. I for one know which I prefer."


Cornel Poenar, Manager with Poenar Prod Com:

"I consider that the Signatura team’s strong points are originality, the speed with which it comes up with solutions and the ease behind communicating with it. Moreover, the price-quality ratio always benefits the customer."