Signatura has created an identity for the Ancada Cup Publicitate Cluj Signatura

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Signatura has created an identity for the Ancada Cup

May 30th, 2008


The sports equipment producer Ancada from Cluj-Napoca is launching, having the Romanian Football Tennis Federation as partner, the first edition of the Ancada Football Tennis Cup, which will take place at the Record Swimming Pool in Cluj-Napoca, between the 6th and the 8th of June. The identity of this event has been created by Signatura, the producer’s permanent partner.


“We have chosen a light but attractive concept, appealing to both youger and older sports fans. While elaborating the issues we have taken into consideration the general ideas of the new Ancada identity, which was completed less than two months ago, and we also had in mind the fact that it is the first edition of this event” Bianca Mereuta, the manager at Signatura, told us.. The identity kit we created included the competition’s logo and the necessary advertising materials (folders, certificates, posters).


The program of the Ancada Football Tennis Cup starts on Friday, the 6th of June, with the men’s junior competition (14-19 years old) and the women’s (regardless of age), while on Saturday the seniors will be playing (19-45 years old), and on Sunday the veterans (over 45 years of age).


The company Ancada was founded in 1997, lately becoming more and more renowned on the East-European sports-brands market. Signatura became their partner in 2006.

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Signatura has created an identity for the Ancada Cup

Signatura has created the identity for the 1st edition of the Ancada Football Tennis Cup

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