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Signatura: a team fit for its clients

February 1st , 2008


Signatura has successfully concluded the first stage of its strategic development, reinforcing its team with six new entries:


Andrei Stehan, events specialist, with 4 years’ experience in interpretative arts, is the company’s new Events Manager, position which enables him to run both events and BTL activities.


Adriana Luca keeps the company's cash flow under control, given her new position of Financial Manager, ensuring everything runs smoothly between clients and suppliers from the accounting point of view.


Iancu Grindean trusted his brother Horea's description of the Signatura team, so he is now using his creativity and artistic sense from the behind the Art Director desk.


Cosmin Mereuta joined the swarm of busy bees taking care of the company's progamming as its Web Project Manager.


Two journalists, Cristina Moldovan and Raluca Crisan, have decided to join the other side and trade the tape recorder for a bite of advertising, PR and strategy. Cristina, who came all the way from Bucharest, is an Account Manager and manages our relationships with customers, while Raluca, Strategic Planner, has strategic planning and PR attributions.


The Signatura team is on the lookout for more professionals  this year.

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Signatura has created an identity for the Ancada Cup

Signatura has created the identity for the 1st edition of the Ancada Football Tennis Cup

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All employees' eyes on the Veronesse brand

Veronesse's employees learned more about the brand they work for in a seminar about brand values knowledge and implementation, held by Signatura.

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Xoomworks rewards the best thesis papers

Xoomworks & Betfair prizes the best informatics students who are sustaining this summer thier bachelor's diploma or thier master.

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Signatura: a day at the Habitat building yard

Signatura started its partenership with Habitat For Humanity Cluj by spending a day at the building yard.

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Paula Seling represented Veronesse at Bucharest Fashion Week

The artist Paula Selling participated at the Bucharest Fashion Week as a representant of the Veronesse company, client of Signatura agency.

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EXIMTUR releases its 2008 catalogues

EXIMTUR The Travel Agency released its new catalogues for the summer of 2008, accomplished entirely by Signatura.

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Signatura: a team fit for its clients

Signatura finished its first step for the strategic development by adding 6 „new entries”.

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Veronesse is “the best accessories and footwear brand”

Veronesse, who's image is managed by Signatura since 2006, was nominated "the best accessories and footwear brand" during the „Creatiile anului” gala.

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