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Branding si publicitate in cluj

The difference between a brand and a product lies in that the brand communicates, it can be friendly or it may adopt a technology oriented attitude, it can bring your spirits up and even make you believe that by using it you will gain supernatural powers. On the other hand, a product will only be imprinted in your memory through a shape, colour or certain name.

This step up, from a mere product to a loved brand, can be achieved solely through creative, long-lasting communication which shapes out not just the image, conveying the personality of the brand beyond time.

Signatura’s Department of Strategic Branding can provide you with the following services:

Strategic analysis and research:

• Brand audit;
• Market analysis (competition, target audience, evolutions);
• Segmentation and positioning analysis;
• Analysis of shopping habits and shopping-triggers of products/services;
• Pre-testing of concept, product, package;
• Pre- and post-campaign analysis;
• Price surveys, consumer’s degree of satisfaction.

Creating and implementing brand strategies

• Creation of corporate identity: verbal identity (naming, slogan), visual identity, brand manual;
• Consultancy and brand implementation programs;
• Selection of advertising, PR and web development techniques suitable for brand building;

Creating and consolidating brand assets:

• Creating, maintaining and increasing brand loyalty;
• Generating, endorsing and increasing brand awareness;
• Evaluating and endorsing the quality as perceived by the consumer;
• Controlling and exploiting associations between brands.